What is Menora?

World Organization for the Youth

Menora is a Jewish organization directed by a highly professional rabbinical team, created and presided by Rabbi  Isaac Sacca from Buenos Aires Argentina. It is dedicated to form youngsters as good people, committed with society and determined to take actions for a better world.

The central headquarter of Menora is the CHELLA & MOISE SAFRA CENTER located in Buenos Aires. There are other centers and representations in several cities of the world.

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Rabino Isaac Sacca – Founder

Central Headquarter

Menora Chella & Moise Safra Center – Mapa de Google

It is the most modern center for the  Jewish youth in Argentina. It is located in Palermo, it has comfortable spaces, such as study rooms, recreation romos, barbacue with grills, classrooms, Bet Hakneset, a meeting room, living rooms and all the necessary technology to enjoy activities and events to the maximum.


Cabello 3206, Palermo, Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina

(11) 4800-1200

The idea which inspires us

To assume the universal responsibility as Jews of keeping our own tradition and  transmitting it to the next generations, serving as cultural contribution for the wellness of the world and the people of Israel.

To transmit the teachings of the Torah to the Jewish Youth so that they don’t miss the chance to know about their traditions; that they understand them and they benefit from their teachings.
To facilitate young people an access to a future with equal opportunities, in an environment of ethical and moral values, with greater harmony, peace and spiritual satisfaction.
To encourage them to discover their personal capabilities  and put them into practice.
To connect  young people to each other through social, recreational and educational spaces, permanently renewed, according to the current needs.
To promote the formation of couples and the respect among people and cultures.
To get the Torah to be rediscovered with no prejudice and to generate spaces so that the whole society is nurtured by the wisdom and love contained in it.


We form youngsters committed with the global reality through the education and the refinement of their personality and identity through the values of Judaism.

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To Achieve Our Objectives

Young Kehila

The Young Kehila of Menora is the space in which youngsters, kids and families meet, enjoy and connect through social events, tefilot, Shabbat,jaguim and warm meetings. It is the place of the Bet Hakneset which lets people connect with G’d, with oneself and with the community. In Menora we give importance to the social and educational life of the family. That is why we organize courses, workshops,conferences and educational trips.

Edmond J. Safra Rabbinical and Teaching Excellence Training Center

Training program for Rabbis, teachers, madrichim and educational professionals aiming to form them as leaders of excellence. The program offers the possibility of deepening in Jewish contents and in professional skills that every community  leader must have.
The study program includes the following modules: Halacha, Jewish Philosophy, Oratory; Coaching and Counseling, strategic training for Organizations and Pedagogy.

Our Programs and Trips

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Cabello 3206, Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 4800 1200


Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00

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